Windows 7 versions comes in 6 flavors

Windows 7 logo

The highly anticipated Windows 7 got really hot in the pictures when Microsoft announced multiple versions of the new operating system. Like the disaster brought by Vista, the versions comes Vista Home Basic, Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate and making it worst is the addition of Windows 7 Starter intended for netbooks. A total of 6 Windows 7 versions, as follows;

• Windows 7 Starter
• Windows 7 Home Basic
• Windows 7 Home Premium
• Windows 7 Professional
• Windows 7 Enterprise
• Windows 7 Ultimate

Well, at the moment, package price for each is still unknown. Let’s just hope the Microsoft will keep the cost lower than Vista packages. So why, Microsoft just made it 7 versions so it match the title itself? Windows 7 with 7 versions!

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