Sony PlayStation 3, to cut $100 to regain market sales

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony still doomed with failing sales of Sony PlayStation 3, needs to slash some bucks to stay sailing in the wild sea of gaming market. According to analyst Mike Hickey at Janco Partners, Sony needs to cut at least $100 of PS3 retail price to get it moving making a substantial impact on the market, taking it near to key competitors Nintendo and Xbox 360.

Mike Hickey with Janco, says that the major price cut will be coming soon, like probably the next few days. Another Hickey’s speculation is that Sony may take out the Blu-ray disc out their consoles to make the price more affordable for consumers. If Sony would apply this move maybe that would seems a desperate marketing shift to catch up with the loosing demand.

At $200 mark of a gaming console it would be great deal, considering it features. It would be nice to gaming consumers if they can offer PS3 in bundle, like taking out their dust-catching 40GB PS3 out of their closet by throwing a free copy of Killzone 2 with it.

At the end, it’s still speculations, and let’s just wait for few more days if this will happen or their still some out-of-the-box Sony will offer us.

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