Skype coming to Nokia Nseries –N97 will got it first

Nokia Skype Logo

If you’re really excited for Nokia’s flagship N97 to come, your craving will be more intensified when this handset comes first with Skype functionally on its full-pack features. But the sad thing to this even if N97 is a true-blooded Nseries, his brothers that have been released earlier will not have Skype added on their bags.

Like what stated above, Nseries that comes earlier will not have Skype as their added features, so if you have an N96 or N95 on your pocket, you’re not too lucky to have that. But in some ways, let’s wait until out friendly developer in town make a silly hacked on this Skype app so your oldie goody Nseries would enjoy cheaper VoIP calls (if not, buy an N97 when it comes out).

This service is really cheap, so getting this into more phones is a good idea. But let’s see how the provider will does a cut on this cheaper VoIp calls.

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