Samsung unveils Omnia HD(Acme i8910) and Beat DJ(M7600) at MWC 2009

Samsung Omnia HD(Acme i8910) and  Beat DJ(M7600)

Samsung is really pushing it hard, despite the MWC will be on Monday revealing two more very interesting breeds of Samsung mobile phones. New Omnia HD and Beat DJ was unveils on Samsungs Billboard for MWC 2009. To mention, that Samsung has already unveiled eco-friendly Blue-Earth which a solar-charging phone, S8300 Ultra Touch and projector phones 17410 and W7900, all lined up for MWC 2009.

With the addition of the two exciting phone, Omnia HD(Acme i8910) may battle out iPhone with its version of high resolution screen(although its really ahead in features) smartphone. I have to wonder more on the upgrades of the OS here. While the Beat DJ(M7600) sport is a form factor which you don’t see much in a touchscreen device but to hear that’s it’s a music phone powered by ICEpower Bang & Olufsen sound technology, I can’t wait to take a hands on this Sammy’s creation.

With just hours for MWC, all our questions will be answered with these interesting phones regarding their full specification and exciting features.

Samsung is really stepping-up on MWC which I think is really a great move and start for this year, let’s just see if they’ll make a stand with this economic slump.

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