Palm and Sprint websites shows Pre is coming

Palm Pre Specifications

Maybe there’s a little war, between Apple and Palm –just another promotional issue highlighting the Pre? Maybe it will be coming so the Pre wants the spotlight on his way. One of the most anticipated releases this year is the Palm’s Pre who’s been love since the day it was announced till now.

There’s been sign that the Pre is really coming, Palm’s website has been showing it and Sprint ‘s website has been updated showing the Palm’s Pre specifications. Giving new information about Pre, MMS messaging is confirmed, and the phone will act as a modem via Bluetooth or USB tethering. Another thing that its OS will occupy of about a 500MB giving an open storage of 7.4GB of the included 8GB with no specified or unclear info on what RAM the Pre will be using. The OS itself maybe a thing to watch upon the release it will replace the PalmOS that we’ve been used to.

Palm will also release an app store for the Pre when it arrives as this seems to be the recipe for success. So there’s a little Apple side on this Palm’s move.

If you are bored of waiting and thinking you need to be updated on the time Palm Pre will be available both Palm and Sprint website offers email alerts just drop you email address on their box.

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