Nokia to ship ARM-based Linux or Intel-based netbooks by 2011

Nokia N810 internet tablet

Nokia as one of the top mobile phone manufacturer in the world is looking actively for possibilities of entering the crowded space of netbooks according to mobile tycoon’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Targeting the line of business that is dominated by Dell, Acer, and HP is another big step for the mobile company.

The staggering pace of mini-notebooks of about 5.2M units last year and about 8M by this year(according to Gartner) of a possible 50M units shipped by 2012 is really a market demand to look for. This demand dictates the trend what mobile mini-PC suggest, small form factor and small screen, light weight, price, ease of use, and basic but sufficient PC functionality. The trends of “laptops to smartphones” and “smartphones to laptop” may show a concluding side on the known manufacturer as Acer(laptops manufacturer) enters on smartphones and Dell with a rumored smartphones on development.

Nokia’s N810 Linux-based internet tablet is a great hint of a suspected Nokia’s entrance to netbook market. Nokia invested considerable resources in building a robust Linux-based platform for ARMnow there’s a greater fact that Nokia’s possible netbook is Linux-based (possible OMAP4 Series hardware). But there’s still an open possibility of an Intel-based netbooks since Intel offers possible advancement and much cheaper price of processor by 2011.

The market for mobile phones are totally dominated by Nokia, let’s sees if there will be a silver lining as they enter market for netbooks that is incredibly crowded.

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