Microsoft offers free Xbox Live Access to promote Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 expansion The Lost and Damned

In promotion of the Grand Theft Auto 4 expansion The Lost and Damned, Microsoft is giving away of almost a week of free access to Xbox Live service for those who downloaded the expansion. From the release day on February 17th up to 22nd, Live user with silver account can download games and play multiplayer online, playing is just limited for gold account, but for the sake of all promotion silver account can play.

Besides, Microsoft will be hosting Games with Fame, with a chance to play with the developer who creates the game; Microsoft aims to give some promo-users a taste of great Xbox experience.

Maybe the story behind this promotion is that some user with the silver account upgrades on gold subscriptions, or hooking up gold users to shed $50 annually. Microsoft wise move on the marketing side hoping that all the $50M investment for Xbox might help them get through it by those subscriptions. But probably, it would take lot of promotions.

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