I.B.M.’s ‘Sequoia’ Supercomputer "Giants"

Who started it all? When it comes to super computing it’s I.B.M. remains to the top and biggest producing high performance supercomputers on the planet nowadays. There’s no question ask, and all by history tells.
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IBM genes of supercomputer will once more blooms, as expected in 2012 an I.B.M. BlueGene machine also known as “Sequoia” shatter speed records.

The name “sequoia” is sometimes used as a general term for the subfamily Sequoioideae in which this genus is classified, together with Sequoiadendron (Giant Sequoia) and Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood); as a common name, it usually refers to Sequoiadendron.

The “sequoia” termed as “Giant” with its computing performance expected to reach 20 petaflops and can handle a quadrillion mathematical operations per second and run about 10 times faster than today’s top supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, which was also built by I.B.M. The BlueGene systems focus lower power consumption and very high performance.

With this new supercomputer gives U.S. an advance leadership in technology.

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