Google Maps + Google Talk = Google Latitude

Google Latitude

Google Latitude reminds of the movie “Eagle Eye” it uses the technology of everyday life to track and control every move of certain peoples. It just seems Google giving life to the supercomputer that can controls any persons anytime anywhere. But with Google let’s just hope that it wont happen, and lets move to convenience it could gave us.

Google has just announced a new location based service called Latitude; it’s a feature in Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle that allows you to share your location with your friends and family. While it won’t pinpoint your exact location, it gives you a good idea of where your friends are at a given time.

The Latitude works like GTalk and any other messaging system but with the added features of the map and the sneaky location it show. You can opt into the feature, and then invite anyone to join Google Latitude. Once they accept, you will see their profile picture appear on a map through your mobile device or your desktop PC. Location information is received via GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular towers. Users can offer more information about where they are and can upload pictures. Some features that missing is the interface with MySpace or Facebook and social networking site.

Google says that versions of the application for the iPod touch and the iPhone will be coming along with a version for Sony Ericsson phones. This time it’s available in 27 countries, and across a variety of devices, including:

• Android-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile G1
• most color BlackBerry devices
• most Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices
• most Symbian S60 devices (Nokia smartphones)
• users of iGoogle

To begin stalking, you may visit at your mobile browsers and download Google Maps Mobile with Latitude and add the Latitude gadget to your iGoogle homepage by visiting

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