Dell Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer –Power that Make a Statement

Dell Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer

Dell’s flagship multimedia desktop, Studio XPS 435 features an amazing turbo boost with the combined power of Intel Core i7 processors and fast DDR3 tri-channel memory expandable up to 24GB, up to 4.5TB of storage capacity and totally superb and sleek design features. Whether, you’re a serious gamer or on high-graphic demand work like movie editing, XPS 435 won’t let you down.

Dell XPS 435 accentuates smart features and performance. Bringing you high quality graphic display with RadeonTM HD4870 1GB graphics card powered by GDDR5 memory giving you visual experience beyond your expectation. The system also comes with optional Blu-ray disc, integrated 7.1 audio, TV tuner for an overwhelming cinematic experience.

Dell also offers first class support, I don’t why its bold open with the product description? I just have a premonition that their preempting the clutter technical issues for this Studio XPS.

But still, we don’t know how this powerful multi-media system will do in terms of some rigid benchmarking; despite its specs suggest what this Dell’s mainstay can do. With this type of offerings from Dell, I guess you’ll have to dig some penny or wait for another President Day Sale to have this monster desktop.

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