Apple Mac Mini 2009 on video –Believe it or not?

Apple Mac mini 2009, is this really the thing on this video? Well the answer lies, who the hell upload this video on? It this only a kind of promotional teaser that tech-people will be buzzing around, again and again until this Mac gadget really appears?

In past few days it’s just a photo of supposedly new generation Mac mini from Apple, now it’s a video, what more they can share? What interesting here? That its lives with rumored of 5 USB ports, FireWire 800, and two Display ports –Mini DisplayPort and Mini DVI.

You can watch the video here to see, for you to make an opinion if this is really a new breed from Apple or just a damn build dummy for the Mac Mini.

Questionings its validity and if this really a preview of Mac mini, I believe the one who creates this knows what’s really the truth, we don’t know what is his intentions, but for sure this will bring us a Mac mini 2009. Even we if we don’t saw this video.

After you have watched it? Fake or not, for me its kind a fake, what I mean promotional?

Video Mac Mini 2009 Edition – video powered by Metacafe

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