AMD unveils five new price-competitive multi-core processors

AMD unveils new line of price-competitive cores. The line up includes two triple and three quad-cores, with backward-compatibility of Socket AM3. This made them friendly for anyone upgrading an older Athlon 64 X2 or an old Phenom version.

Here are the AMD’s new processors:

1.) AMD Phenom II X4 910 – 2.6GHz, 6MB L3, OEM-only
2.) 810 – 2.6GHz, 4MB L3
3.) X4 805 – 2.5GHz, 4MB L3, OEM-only
4.) X3 720 Black Edition – unlocked multiplier, 2.8GHz, 6MB L3
5.) the Phenom II X3 710 – 2.6GHz, 6MBL3

Some of the early reviews and benchmarks indicate that the performance of a Phenom II +DDR3 is comparably the same with the Phenom II+DDR2. As much as the case of high-bandwidth solutions, DDR2 satisfied as opposed to the DDR3 but in terms of power consumptions the DDR3 makes the advantage.

With the Deneb gaining its reputation as an excellent overclocker, in no time, Phenom II X3 may prove as much better at $145. We’re still waiting if Intel will make a major price cut down to match the AMDs competitive line-up. AMDs triples and quads at $100-$200 price range maybe a good choice for this market uncertainty.

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