Windows Vista SP2 coming this Q2

Windows Vista logoWindows 7 has just passed some of the benchmarks and ups with its beta download. Now according to TechArp, Windows Vista SP2 a future upgrade for your Vista, is being rush for release so there will additional incentives for Vista upgrades and users will not be waiting for the full release of Windows 7.
So in the side of Microsoft doing smarter moves to compensate with Vista’s upgrades by releasing a service pack 2. If the predictions will be right will going to see it by early Q2 of this year and its preliminary releases will be handed to testers by this week.

Microsoft is rushing for the release, but they should consider the quality of this Vista SP2 which means, enhancements not more bugs for this updates. And the more I think is people are more excited for 7’s release than this Vista’s upgrades. Right?

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