Windows 7: Why do benchmarks on my beta version?

Windows 7 LogoWindows 7 has been on beta few months now and benchmarks are made which seems not correct at all? I believe that when a beta version of the software is release it should be hands on to user to get there opinions and the rest are to find a bug, an error or enhancements. Thus, like putting it to speed test and battle it up to it counterpart somehow maybe good, but expressing a judgment to a beta version is not a great way to consider.

According to Infoword, who puts Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 to show their multiprocessing mettle in their dual-core and quad-core performance tests interesting things to know that Windows 7 somehow being leaner or more efficient than Vista, it was 60 percent faster than Vista during the dual-core workflow tests but overall, 7’s just slower on dual- and quad-core hardware than XP.

Windows XP SP2 Windows XP is the OS that simply will not die, and for good reason: It’s mature, stable, and – – most important — fast as the wind on today’s hardware. In fact, Windows XP outpaced its younger siblings by a factor of two during multiprocess workload testing — concurrent database, workflow, and multimedia tasks on our dual-core test bed and by up to 66 percent on our quad-core test bed.

Considering Windows 7 is beta, maybe his speed right now is just half of its total speed when the final release comes. So we better hold our judgments for now. And XP, it’s old much more stable and faster right? –but how about Windows ‘98? We just need to embrace change, what’s in and what technology trend will bring us.

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