Nintendo DSi rumored coming this April

Nintendo DSi

Another new thing to look out for this year is the rumored Nintendo DSi, the successor of Nintendo DS Lite. If this device will come this late first quarter, I’m sure each and every gamer will be looking into this handheld gaming device.

Thinner by 12 percent to DS Lite, with better speakers, five brightness settings, a new SD card slot for data storage and multimedia content, updatable firmware and an internal flash memory of 256MB. Another make over is the power button instead of a switch button of DS Lite.

But the drawback of Nintendo DSi is the battery life, with only 16hrs due to new brightness setting compare to DS Lite with standard 19hrs. If the DSi will come, I bet Sony will be working in their new version of PSP. I can’t wait for Sony’s multi-touch PSP, if it will come?

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