The Most Expensive iPhone worth $2.517,345

The Most Expensive iPhone worth $2.517,345

Thought of finding the most expensive gadget in the world? Maybe this customized iPhone have something to say. This phones owns to be the King of all iPhones. The economic slowdown has started to bite into our pockets but that hasn’t stopped Austrian jewelry designer Peter Aloisson from designing a gorgeous diamond-encrusted iPhone. All set to make you poorer by $2.517,345, this mobile phone is sure to raise your status level.

The new Apple iPhone goes by the name of 3G Kings Button and is made from solid 18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. No wonder the phone yells ‘luxury’ what with 138 sparkling diamonds of best quality lining it along the edges.

iPhones owns to be elegant enough to take users around the world, but having it customized in a way Aloisson designed it, its just beauty, luxury and fame.

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