LG moves to third largest handset manufacturers

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With the usual big companies in the top(Nokia and Samsung) being in the third will be a big honor. Like was LG become the third largest handset manufacturer in 2008. The Motorola and Sony Ericson have suffered deeply, and nothing we can do but to wish then good luck this year.

But in the mean time LG has surpassed them and it won’t be stopped soon. LG surpassed Moto by only about 100k handset as both companies produced around 100 million phones last year. Sony Ericsson managed to sell only about 96.6 million in a disastrous 2008. What will 2009 bring in terms of handsets? Well we know Moto has a few good looking phones set for a Verizon release, but LG won’t surrender! The company wants to launch no less than 100 different handset this year. That’s almost two new handsets per week.

There’s no difference with the usual one and two in the leading manufacturers, Nokia sold 470 million phones while Samsung trailed behind with only 200 million phones last year.

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