Facebook dethrones MySpace as Most Popular Social Networking Site

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Facebook.com becomes the number one online social networking site dethroning MySpace.com in terms of internet traffic. Facebook.com grew a dramatic 127 percent in the past year to 222 million visitors in December, and now ranks as the top social networking site worldwide according to BizJournal.com.

Not limited to the social networking arena, Facebook’s success is impressive even in the most general category; Facebook.com registered as the Internet’s seventh most popular destination in December, trailing only Web giants Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Wikipedia and eBay.

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the highest share of global Internet users at 41 percent, followed by Europe, with 28 percent, North America with 18 percent share, Latin America, with 7 percent, and the Middle East and Africa with 5 percent. China represented the largest online audience, with 180 million Internet users, or almost 18 percent of the total worldwide audience, followed by the U.S. with 16.2 percent, Japan with 6 percent, Germany with 3.7 percent and the U.K. with 3.6 percent.

Being the number one let’s just hope that Facebook will implement stronger security to protect its user from spammer and scammer, securing it’s user will secure its place at the top.

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