European Commission accuses Microsoft –unfair web browser competition

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No doubt how many PC users around the world have been using the Windows OS but the thing is the Internet Explorer that comes with it. In pursuit of fair competition among the web browser, the European Commission has decided to go against Microsoft again on that Internet Explorer matter. The commission fined Microsoft last year for anti-competitive practices. After that $1.35 billion fine, the commission will continue its action against Microsoft.

As the Internet Explorer comes with the Windows operating system, it undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice. This will bring what’s the commission is trying to point out, the harm on the competitions of web browsers.

Let’s see what will be the counter statement and actions of Microsoft for the charges in 8 weeks. I’m sure Firefox, Opera, Chrome are waiting intimately to this. So if you’re a Windows IE user, does it make sense if the IE will be an application that doesn’t come with your Window operating system?

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