Amazon Kindle 2 rumored release on February 9th

Amazon Kindle 2

With the leaked last October and the Amazon’s issues to serve the demand last Holiday shopping season for Kindle, it’s rumored that the next generation also known as Kindle 2 to unveil this coming February 9th. According to CNET, they received an invite to an important Amazon press-conference.

Despite Kindle’s demand issues, being sold out after Oprah recommended the Kindle and gave a $50 coupon for it Kindle, it was not available any more for the remainder of the Holiday shopping season and it just shows that Amazon handles the selling of Kindle really bad.

The chance of Amazon to strike back is to handle Kindle 2 release with a bang, and make with the demand issue with enough stock on shelves. Then it will be nicer if they will just sells the readers content, and let some big hardware manufacturing company like Samsung or LG handles Kindle 2 production.

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