$149 or $199 Palm Pre’s Rumored Price Release

$149 or $199 Palm Pre's Rumored Price Release

The Palm Pre is making news and taking it step by step on the top. Considering the design and features, and the rumored price release, it’s becoming an eye catcher. According to recent news, the Pre will cost between $399 to $499 if unlocked and it will cost $149 or $199 with a contract. That’s cheaper than the other phone we keep talking about isn’t it. That’s less than many no-contract BlackBerrys and WinMo phones, and the same price as the G1 developer model.

The initial production run will sit at around 200,000, a low number necessitated by the limited manufacturing capacity for the Pre’s screen hardware. And if Palm prices will be confirmed with their new handset, it will be a walk on a park for those initial units.

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