New Palm and New OS to arrive at CES 2009

New Palm and New OS to arrive at CES 2009

CES 2009 has been quite really exciting because of some tempting rumors and early announcements. And have you heard of Palm? There one of those whose taking CES a new opportunity for their new big thing. It looks Palm has some surprises ready for CES 2009. A new product is supposed to be revealed and a new OS.
Here’s what an analyst for CL King & Associates, Lawrance Harris, said:

It’s quite likely, actually close to a certainty, that they will show a new OS, new user interface and probably new hardware. This is Palm’s last shot to prove it has what it takes to survive in a very competitive market.

The new OS is the Nova. We’ve heard before about this Linux-based OS before and we were expecting it to arrive sometime in 2009. Possibly early 2009? The Nova should bring us that much needed 3G support as we’re all expecting the new Palm handsets to be 3G ready. Looking forward to CES 2009 then. Who knows what will happen?

Few more weeks and lets see what will happen.

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