Google Zeitgeist Top Searches for 2008

Google Zeitgeist Top Searches for 2008

As I promised when I have posted the “Top Searches of AOL and Yahoo!” here is the year end Google Zeitgeist, the compilations of the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated us in 2008. Let’s brings back “the spirit of times” around the world as we enter the mighty Pandora’s Search box for the billions of queries that sets up the internet trends of 2008.

The US Zeitgeist tells nothing more but the elections news with the words “Obama”, the latest gadgets mainly cellphones and their provider, some social networking communities and reality shows. Here are the top rising keywords for 2008;

1. obama
2. facebook
3. att
4. iphone
5. youtube
6. fox news
7. palin
8. beijing 2008
9. david cook
10. surf the channel

The varieties of what really goes into minds of different people are mainly captured in what question we ask for answers and sometimes we ask Google box to know what answers are or what other people are thinking about that. This year Top of the Mind shows the peoples are weary of the economic crisis, the deaths of known people, some technology key term that is hard to understand and simply common terms that plays in our mind.

Economic Crisis
1. financial crisis
2. depression
3. bailout
4. mortgage crisis
5. wall street
6. oil
7. stock market
8. subprime
9. credit crisis
10. housing crisis

The Google Zeitgeist talks more about Politics, Trendsetters, Showbiz, Sports, and the top ten search term for around the world. If you want to know more you go here.

As I see it, same trends are suggested here even for Yahoo! and AOL’s top searches, that’s means really one thing, accurately internet suggest big happenings, peoples and technologies for 2008. We may use this data for target keywords for building a new site or blog for internet money making and for some future studies regarding the multimedia as a social stimulus.

Source: Google Zeitgeist 2008

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