Are you excited for a Microsoft Zune Phone at CES?

Microsoft Zune Phone

A rumor circulating this week says Microsoft will unveil a Zune phone at CES 2009. Most columnists and bloggers who mentioned it said Microsoft should not build a Zune phone, but probably will.

When the Zune-phone-at-CES rumor hit, bloggers and pundits speculated that the company would target Apple, which people think created a phone based on the iPod. Commentators initially imagined a phone that looks and works like one of the larger hard-disk-based Zunes, but with cell phone functionality.

That idea fizzled when Brian Seitz, Microsoft Zune group manager, told Gizmodo that no Zune phone will be unveiled at CES. Now the rumor-monger consensus is that Microsoft will instead unveil a project code-named “Pink,” which is software that puts Zune functionality on a Windows Mobile device, including the playing of media and easy access to the Zune Marketplace.

Another popular idea is that Microsoft will unveil a Danger Sidekick device at CES that’s all Pinked out and sold as a music phone. Either way, the addition of Zune-like software to existing phones doesn’t add up to a bona fide Zune phone.

If you’re an Apple lover are you excited if Zune Phone will arrive?

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