AMD Phenom II to be announced as a big surprise

AMD Phenom II to be announced as a big surprise

AMD has officially announced(really?) the release of its Phenom II Quad-Core processor. According to EE Times, the quad-core, 45nm chip is said to support DDR2 and DDR 3 memory with the latter up to 1333MHz and is available at both 3GHz and 2.8GHz speeds for $275 and $235, respectively. If that’s not exciting enough, a 65nm (DDR2) version of the chip is also available.

Let’s not be weary for the actual announcement as if going to be a big surprise at the upcoming CES systems on display. The International CES will be held on January 8-11 2009 for more information you can visit their site here.

Setting up the quad-core seen it seems that the Intel Core i7 have gone far away from the AMD Phenom II, that’s why I think that AMD is preparing for a further big spotlight announcement for the Phenom II. What do you think?

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