Top 20 Countries with the Highest Internet Users

There’s no rule on how you will use it and there’s no time limit how long you keep on browsing it. Have you found yourself as one of internet addict? Well, so as I find myself to be, more than 8 hours on net surfing, which includes blogging, going to social networking sites, visiting some breaking news, checking emails, reading sports news and as a blogger I always used to visit and read blogs everyday.

This helps? Yes, definitely a lot, keeping myself updated and likewise broadens my knowledge repository in each every aspect my thought and readings have brought me. Likewise too, I can share what I known to be interesting through my blogs as medium of factual information. Staring at the computer for more than 8 hours maybe eye tiring but if you love what you’re doing nothing can stop you.

Now, I came across thinking of how many people have been using the internet in the world? I just type the term “internet users” at the mighty Google Pandora’s box then I found the World Internet User Statistics. Here’s what their stats have been showing.

Top 20 Countries with the Highest Internet Users

Targeting all possible viewer, business or buyer the net can worth trillions of dollars for even smaller or the biggest company around the world. Imagine how much is their profit? Their investments?

Truly Internet is as broad as the universe where most of businesses may flourish as fast like a high speed internet service. Its horizons have never been found and its stored information has to be like the number of stars. We should have known to used it properly and therefore not abuse it. Imagine all the internet users in the world contribute even single information they can have; the net could be most powerful technology nowadays.

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