iPhone Photo Contest? And there are winners?

We all know that the iPhone camera is no good and serves more as a complimentary feature but recently an online iPhone photo contest was held and the winning entries have just been announced. The wonderful guys over at all-things-adobe KelbyTraining.com have thrown in an iPhone photo contest as means to popularize their iPhone book.

The iPhone camera has been a subject of many polemics and if you ask us, it just sucks, but it’s still nice to see what you can do with enough enthusiasm and some serious photoshopping.
I don’t how it comes to be a photo contest if most of the pictures are edited? But I like the idea of bringing the iPhone weaknesses(camera) to some positive aspect like learning to edit a picture on Photoshop, but we doubt that the mass public really needs an iPhone book.

Why Apple doesn’t just came out another series of iPhone with 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, video(WVGA@30fps, QVGA@120fps), with Xenon flash like a Samsung M8800 Pixon? Cure together all its weaknesses, by putting a Dual cam for video calling supported in 3G network, plus a Safari browser that support Flash and Java Apps with a download manager. And make it more powerful with a Bluetooth for A2DP or file transfer and much more sophisticated document editor with a simple copy and paste functionality. iPhones do need also a flexible and upgradeable storage with a memory car slot. But what can I say, knowing Apple it won’t happen and maybe just a dream.

Lets go back to the contest I’m talking too, if there is a contest there sure winners. The low quality of the iPhone camera makes it even more interesting and fun to see some of the winning entries in a dedicated photo contest.

Apple iPhone photo contest winnerBest in Show (by Dewitt Jones)
Apple iPhone photo contest winnerFriends (Austin Meyer)

Apple iPhone photo contest winnerPets (Donato Rondinelli)

Apple iPhone photo contest winnerOffice (Suri Teller)

Apple iPhone photo contest winnerFamily (Eric Rasch)

Apple iPhone photo contest winnerFine Art (Roger Levesque)

[via gsmarena]

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