HP Unveils TouchSmart tx2

HP TouchSmart tx2

HP extends its touch-screen technology and user interface known from their TouchSmart All-in-One PCs to a convertible notebook dubbed TouchSmart tx2. It will get you multi-touch two-finger control but there’s a catch to it. The whole multi-touch thing works only with the HP MediaSmart suite of applications.

The TouchSmart tx2 is a 12.1 inch laptop which can get you up to 8GB of RAM. An AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core processor will power it all up and you can opt for storage space anywhere from 160 to 500GB. The WXGA screen has an embedded N-trig digitizer which will help you do all that multi-touching. The HP TouchSmart tx2 is available for order today in the United States at the HP Store with a starting price of $1,149. The HP TouchSmart tx2 is also available on Amazon.com today.

HP TouchSmart tx2
Considering the development of Microsoft Windows 7 which support multi-touch capabilities expect for a more series of this notebook, which I think Apple will be coming out later in the mean time, HP pulls the picture.

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