Entrecard Droppers, How far have you gone dropping?

Entrecard is a free blogging network that truly brings visitors to your blog. By joining the network, you can earn Entrecard credits which allows you to display an ad of your blog on other blog sites within the Network. It creates a cycle on dropping one card to another Entrecard users which really creates website traffic through the process of manually visiting the site so you can drop the card. You just hope that if you have drop, the owner of the site or blog will drop a card back. The earned credits will enable you to advertise on others website or blog.

Out of curiousity, I have tried to be a “monster dropper” to know what are the messages the card will return if I have done many drops. My maximum drop I guess is about less than 500 cards dropped in a day.

Entrecard widgets sample design“Thanks!” Entrecard first message.

First for about 50 drops I guess it will return a “Thanks!” message! Hmm, what I’m really thinking here is that I’m playing a game and wanting to level up base on the return message.

Entrecard widgets sample design“Go! Go!” Entrecard second message.

Second message appeared for I guess a hundred drops is “Go! Go!”. Its like that your hitting up on dropping.

Entrecard widgets sample design“Alright!” Entrecard third message.

Moving on, for another 50 drops Alright message appeared. I really just wanted to know what is the last message so I keep on dropping.

Entrecard widgets sample design“Wicked!” Entrecard 4th message.

Wicked Sick! Just like a dominating and killing spree, on a DotA play.

Entrecard widgets sample design“Yeehah!” Entrecard 5th message.

Wow, feels like a cowboy dropping all the way…

Entrecard widgets sample design“Awesome!” Entrecard 6th message.

For up to 370 entredropped I got my last message, “Awesome!”.

Hey, entredroppers out there. I just wondering what are succeeding message and what are the last Entrecard message we can get from dropping? I bet anyone could answer me. Just drop a comments so I can update the post.

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