Best Buy Announces Blackberry Storm to hit November 23rd

Blackberry Storm BestBuy

According to the latest weather forecast, there will be a super storm to hit on 23rd of this month. Don’t be alarmed when you flip to the Best Buy ad and see the Storm front and center on the Best Buy Mobile page for this Sunday. There it is in all its glory, supposedly available for sale today. It is even listed with a free Plantronics 360 bluetooth headset. Don’t go running down to Best Buy just yet though. It won’t be there as these fliers were printed before the latest delay that pushed the Storm launch to November 23rd for Best Buy. A small disclaimer on its website confirms the new release date.

Blackberry Storm Bestbuy

So anyone who doesn’t want to brave the crowds at Verizon stores on release day can head on down to your local Best Buy one week from today and score yourself a Storm. Start robbing those piggy banks though, as the Storm without a contract as purchased from Best Buy will set you back a cool $599.

So buyers who are crazily waiting for the release be more excited to head on one week from now.