19 Artistic Food Carvings

Here are the 19 amazing and artistic food curving that I have seen. I just receive it through an email of my friend and I just want to share it with you. I’m stunned by the imagination of those people who have the knowledge and skill to interpret their artistic side in a peculiar ways such as this great works.

Watermelon man 19 Artistic Food CarvingsIs that Michael Phelps? Taking his splashes in a nutritious and watery watermelon. Feeling likes his winning his golds even on curving.

pumkin 19 Artistic Food CarvingsHow about the goosebumps brought to you by Mr. Pumpkins which seems to be heavily thirsty for a drop of water.

Playing Oranges 19 Artistic Food CarvingsWho will says that an orange and a tomato can’t play? Or is their love is forbidden?

Orange Holfer 19 Artistic Food CarvingsThe willingness of an orange to give you a healthy life, his bringing his self for your juice everyday.

Envy Potato 19 Artistic Food CarvingsI don’t know where this potato is envied. Maybe he want to be a french fries, but he looks like a Chinese one.

Egg House 19 Artistic Food CarvingsWho says that a chicks only cracks there shells when their hatch? Some makes them a home.

Orange Begging 19 Artistic Food CarvingsSome oranges beg to be squeezed, that’s why some peoples really like juices in any forms!

Nursery Egg 19 Artistic Food CarvingsEven a hen takes good care at their babies. And willing to sell some eggs to buy a stroller for her baby.

Hand Bread 19 Artistic Food CarvingsWhat a poor pie? Maybe he needs some help to buy someone to eat him.

Guitar Peach 19 Artistic Food CarvingsI wonder how this guitar will sound, I bet he needs some great distortion device to bring the house down.

Good Sheep 19 Artistic Food CarvingsHmm, poor sheeps what good lessons a tomato can bring you?

Flour Face 19 Artistic Food CarvingsNow I believe that someone is look like a floor/flour, whatever.

Feet Bread 19 Artistic Food CarvingsSometimes breads are made to kick some asses.

Cabbage Face 19 Artistic Food CarvingsHow innocent a cabbage when he looks likes a boy?

Biting Apple 19 Artistic Food CarvingsOuch!, bad apple stop pouring some ketchup on my hand.

Banana Dolphin 19 Artistic Food CarvingsIts once in a lifetime to see a yellow dolphin doing some tricks.

Apple 19 Artistic Food CarvingsWhat a sweet butterfly? Sweet as an apple.

Angry Bread 19 Artistic Food CarvingsIf some breads are made to kick some assess, here is the bread that will break a jaw.

Orange Cellulose 19 Artistic Food CarvingsCellulose is an organic compound with the formula (C6H10O5)n, a polysaccharide consisting of a linear chain of several hundred to over ten thousand β(1→4) linked D-glucose units. How about that? They are mostly found on plants? I bet this orange don’t know that.

I don’t know how you will look them, but my description is base on my perceptions and how my eyes and mind interprets them. Now do you love them? Why don’t you bring some of your ideas below, drop a comment.

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