Sponsored Video: Skittles Sorting Machine

If you have the habit of saving the best for last, atleast for a bag of Skittles —-for the hue that you love so dearly, well right now you can have a perfect machine to do the job of sorting it based on its colors.

That’s the Skittles Sorting Machine, developed by electrical engineer Brian Egenriether, the machine is capable of identifying the colors, then separates and sort it out in five bowls of specific colors.

Here’s a video posted by Egenriether on how the Skittles Sorting Machine works.

This is absolutely a crazy machine, looking out on how it works inside; it seemed to be a complex system mechanically. I’d love to see the prototype to work on transparent case so it’ll be more interesting for its first time users. You’ll see how the sensors identifies the color of each Skittles, then see the mechanical tube separates and sort to which bowl the specific color should go. If this will go on production, I’d love to grab one, even more with a transparent case.

Technically, it works with a Basic Stamp microcontroller which also utilizes infrared LED, phototransistor and most importantly a color sensor. While the external seemed to be prototype-ish with epoxy, PVC and repurposed parts of a hummingbird feeder.

Accordingly, it is not the first time technology to come out, if your memory serves your right, back in 2005 you could buy a M&M DIY sorter kit for just $66 –well, though it was sorting out things for gadget enthusiast.

Whether you’re a color-centric Skittles person, you can create your own rainbow as Skittles present a show which you explore the details by watching the video below.

This post is sponsored by Skittles.

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