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Mazda could be passing through a couple of corporate challenges during the current times; however, the company on the other sides has something good in its stock especially about the 2014 Mazda 6. You could see the global sales are simply rising up to 12% as the CX-5 and dealers are seen demanding more and more cars for the constant rise of demands from the customers all across the world. This has therefore built a solid ground for 2014 Mazda 6 in the market of cars all across the world. The fact is 2014 Mazda 6 is considered as the most anticipated models among the midsize sedan domain. The market seems to be singing its tune looking at its attractive exteriors backed by SkyActiv technology. This model could be called as the best contender in the current car world.

2014 Mazda 6

The first impression

Mazda 6 was seen at different motor shows including the ones at Moscow and Paris where the car lovers, experts, business analysts and marketers were seen catching up its glimpses. This is among the mid size sedan, which carries a sharp feature that happens to be powered by Skyactiv engines from the Japanese automakers. It is considered as among the efficient machines which give a tangible driving experience. Looking at Mazda 6, it has been built as per the company’s modern design pattern called Kodo (that means soul of motion). The automakers are able to embark with stretched five point grille hence could be called as the most gorgeous versions in terms of design. The grille is seen hooked with the LED headlights through a couple of shiny bits, which is basically a design technique reminiscent of the latest BMW 3 model series.

Lots of uniqueness in Mazda 6 design

The world is seen applauding for incorporating modern and unique technologies in the high end Mazda 6 car design. First of all, it does not function on a six cylinder option, while the base engine is 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder SkyActiv units which are better than the models of Cx-5 and Mazda 3. The horsepower and fuel economy of Mazda 6 happens to be better than other cars. The engine seems to be producing high end 190 horsepower backed by the SkyActiv automatic transmission systems rather than the SkyActiv six-speed manual transmission.

Also, the drivers of this car would certainly benefit from the modern start and stop technology along with the high end new regenerative energy capture system, which is named as I-ELOOP. This technology makes the car’s design elegant, which helps in better acceleration, abating the horsepower reducing drag while you apply breaks or put down the acceleration. Interestingly, the braking system backed by regenerative mechanism also utilizes the waste energy that is kept inside a large size capacitor bank, which helps in empowering the electrical systems as and when required inside the car. The experts seems to be claiming that with the I-ELOOP technology, more than 10% of boost will be seen in fuel economy along with making the acceleration smoother for the drivers.

Final word

The 2014 Mazda 6 will go for a sale in January 2013 in United States coming in eight different color options and two wheel size options. Having backed by unique and incredible technologies, Mazda 6 could be a great way to end up the crisis inside the company and embark with a terrific start.

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