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Since its inception Mattel has taken the lead in bringing a smile to every child’s face. And if your child is a techie like most children these days then Mattel has just the thing for you. The iPad has a world of fun and learning to offer any child and Mattel has dived wholeheartedly into providing the most exhilarating digital experience for your child’s iPad. When we were young we played with videogames on our television screens, and later on our desktop systems. However, the teens, tweens and tots of today have smart phones and tablet PCs to keep them busy. Bringing a little more interactivity to your child’s iPad experience are a bunch of games especially designed by Mattel to max out all limits of fun.

Mattel Apptivity

Getting Apptivity to turn your child’s playtime into fun time is fairly simple. The app is included with any one of the games that you choose to buy and all you have to do is download it to your iPad. It can function with pretty much any version of the iPad and you can try it out with your iPhone or iPod touch as well. If you’re worried about the horror your iPad’s screen with suffer at the hands of the Apptivity toy you can breathe easy since all toys are created with especially filled screen-safe plastic that’ll never hurt your device.

Kids these days won’t settle for just any toys, you need to stay ahead of the game and get them something that can fit into their lifestyles. Apptivity is just the thing for tech savvy parents who want their kids to have fun on their tech savvy gadgets. You can’t go wrong with hot favorites such as Hot Wheels, Batman, Cut the Rope, Apptivity Monkey, WWE Rumblers and Fruit Ninja.

Verily Mattel knows how to keep kids happy!

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