Sponsored Video: Human Angry Birds Invade Piccadilly Circus

Samsung Galaxy Note and Angry Birds

If happened you’ve came over Piccadilly Circus on Good Friday, you might have encountered people wearing over-sized Angy Bird costumes and crowds screaming over Samsung Galaxy Note.

The unusual gathering was brought by world’s largest electronics manufacturer, Samsung along with the massively played game app on iOS and Android, Angry Birds —-turns the Piccadilly Circus gigantic screen into sling-shooting game display. The Galaxy Note acts as a wireless joystick of the game, where the louder the scream of the propel the further the Angy Birds will propel destroying blogs and pigs making higher scores.

And as the event were help for Easter, the crowd were also invited to share Easter message and photos be taken by the Galaxy Note that was feed wirelessly on the Piccadilly screen and later posted to the Samsung Mobile UK Facebook page.

The public was also invited to try out Galaxy Note exciting and cool features.

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