Sleek Audio SA7 earphones review

Sleek Audio SA7 earphones review
At $400 range, this in-ear monitor (IEM) isn’t made for everyone, except for those audiphile who’s willing to shed that much to satisfy their ear buds with “more precise” and “stonkingly good” sound as reviewed by SlashGear and TrustedReviews. Now we’re talking about Sleek Audio SA7, housed in aluminum –kept in tightly-woven carbon fiber case seemed totally elegant, ooh, the detachable cables were hot!

“Both noted hugely powerful bass that sounded fantastic alongside the trebles and mids, rather than drowning them out, and high frequencies that remained comfortable to listen to even at higher volume — a mark of excellence, to be sure.” as reported by Engadget.
Maybe we can’t tell you if this worth the money, but let’s see if someone send this in for our review, like the BOQARI Q1.

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